by ataho musiime & theo schmidt

With five seniors graduating, including all-time leading scorer Daniel Deaver and coach Daniel Hale, who coached varsity for nine years leaving, the defending district champion boys basketball team had positions to fill.

As a replacement for Hale, the school selected former Nova Cavs program director Jerry Lin. Lin has been around the school as an instructional assistant, he may be setting up for a sporting event, or helping kids with homework around the school.

Lin attended Marshall and graduated in 2001. He played with the basketball team all four years and calls Marshall his home.

“Coach Hale did a tremendous job [with the basketball program]. My mentor, coach Kevin Weeren, who was my high school coach here [at Marshall], also did a heck of a job. Under those two guiding the program, I think the program has been in very good hands.”

When Lin introduced himself to the players during an interest meeting, he said he expects full commitment from his players.

“You’re either all in or all out,” Lin said. “No half way.”

During the off-season, Lin brought in trainers from Bowtai Fitness to help players with weekly conditioning workouts.

“[Lin] does good conditioning,” point guard and senior Sean Moyes said. “That’s the biggest difference, last year with coach Hale it was more [on court] drills, but with Lin it’s definitely more running.”

“Player accountability is a big thing, having players who are committed, who are all about the team and making sacrifices that are necessary for us to do well on the basketball court, those are the [players] that will be the backbone of our basketball program,” Lin said.

Forward and sophomore Gowtam Kommi said Lin is enthusiastic about basketball and cares about his players.

“Everything he does is for us,” Kommi said. “Coach Hale, he would care about us, but coach Lin is a lot more into it. He helps us out individually. He talks to us. He asks for input. He’s just passionate about the game.”

Lin said he wants to take the program to new heights while maintaining the programs success.