Clubs transition to online meetings as school closes for the remainder of the year

The shutdown of the schools not only stopped the occurrence of classes, but also the numerous extracurricular activities available at Marshall. Though online classes have started, the clubs have to individually navigate the changes brought on by COVID-19. 

While students can no longer spend time participating in clubs during Learn or after school, Math Honor Society officer and junior Amani Akkoub said the club is still operating and maintaining their tutoring resources in case someone needs help. 

“We are preparing for next year and working really hard to make the club successful,” Akkoub said. “Unfortunately this year we are unable to continue with point requirements. However, students can still reach out and we can connect them with a tutor over email if they are struggling with online math classes.”

Additionally, Quiz Bowl vice president and junior Anthony Miroff said the club has shifted from meeting in-person to meeting virtually through platforms like Discord. 

“We’re all making the best of the changes coronavirus has made, and moving our club online is just one of those changes,” Miroff said. “We’re saddened by losing some opportunities to recruit for the team, but we understand the necessity of halting coronavirus’s spread.”

Junior Celine Gorkowski said though the clubs are attempting to transition to online events, not all have been successful in doing so.

“A lot of clubs require actual activities […] so you can’t really do that online,” Gorkowski said. “I would definitely participate in virtual clubs. The only issue is the time they schedule meetings […] I also think that the people running the clubs are only really focused on school right now.”