Mother’s Day in quarantine causes original plans to shift

On May 9, junior Amna Imran noticed Mother’s Day was only a day away. Then, she realized her idea of simply taking her mother out for brunch was falling apart.

Unlike most years, Imran would have to celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine, since many nearby restaurants have shut their doors to the public.

“I spent a really long time planning a brunch for my mom, but now I have to find something else,” Imran said. “The shutdown made me realize that I should have had a backup plan a long time ago […] in case the restaurant closed.”

Additionally, many retailers have stopped their same-day delivery services for certain items, leaving the procrastinators without options for a gift. 

“I […] usually order my mom a gift a week prior to the date: something I know she needs,” junior Yasmin Mohran said. “Quarantine really only affected how early I needed to order her gift because things were beginning to take three weeks minimum to ship.”

As for those who were counting on going out to restaurants, Mohran said they will have to spend some time in the kitchen and make a meal themselves.  

“I think [people] are gonna have to get creative,” Mohran said. “Quarantine is really forcing people to develop new skills and go out of their comfort zone.”