From studio to garage: junior Isabel Church continues dance classes at home

Shortly after school closed, extracurricular activities transitioned from in-person classes to online meetings and lessons. For junior Isabel Church, the closing of her dance studio forced her to go from practicing in a room with smooth floors to a cold garage. 

Although they contemplated staying open, Church’s dance studio closed shortly after schools did. 

“My studio was still planning to hold classes the week after FCPS decided to close, but by Monday they had called them off,” Church said. “We’re still closed, but exploring options for recital season and options for Phase 1.”

While they remain closed, Church has had to transition to Zoom classes and said that there are both positive and negative aspects of practicing in her garage rather than in a studio. 

“I miss my friends and my teacher,” Church said. “My space is limited so I definitely miss the studio itself. For pointe, it’s really helpful to have a solid, smooth place to practice and I’ve had trouble practicing en pointe consistently. But it’s also nice having the flexibility to take breaks when I really need them.”

Despite not being able to attend dance classes in a studio, Church said she is making the best of the situation and believes she is still improving as a dancer. 

“I feel like I’ve improved as a dancer outside of classes,” Church said. “I enjoy the conditioning during company classes, but in terms of technique and flexibility, I’ve grown more spending my extra time practicing on my own.”