Dating with a twist

Dating will always come with surprises, but learning you have to stay six feet apart at all times is usually never the case. 

My boyfriend and I started dating a couple of months before quarantine started. We went from seeing each other almost every day at and outside of school to only twice in 10 weeks.

Though it is hard rarely seeing each other, I would not call it an obstacle in our relationship. Dating in quarantine is like patiently watching for an exciting vacation you spent a lot of time planning for.

The enthusiasm for all the post-quarantine plans we make increases every day, and I am sure once we finally get the chance to go out, we will savor those moments a lot more. 

In the meantime, being physically separated similarly brings out our appreciation for watching a movie together over FaceTime or having a quick phone call.

Personally, I think a relationship that can thrive off of those little things becomes even stronger. 

Quarantine is a chance for relationships, even platonic ones, to appreciate and build off of the smaller moments.