Avatar: The Last Binge

Water. Fire. Earth. Air. The four nations that lived in harmony before the Fire Nation attacked. Now, their only chance of survival relied on the master of all four elements: Avatar. 

If you have ever heard of “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” it was most likely back in 2008 when the show had its original run on Nickelodeon. But now that it is back on Netflix, Junior Medha Annam is taking advantage of her chance to binge-watch the show. 

“With reruns, channels, [like Nickelodeon,] tend to play episodes somewhat in order. but not really,” Amman said. “They also omit episodes sometimes so binge-watching it on Netflix makes the story more continuous.”

Similarly, Junior Andrew Ghusn went from waiting to come home from school and watch the new episodes of Avatar on Nickelodeon to completing all 61 episodes in four days on Netflix. 

“The reason I like [the show] so much is because it’s such an interesting concept that they made into life lessons,” Ghusn said. “Each character has a completely different personality and motives, the character arcs are really well developed, and the production of the show is really good.”

Ghusn said his favorite part of the show is the well-produced finale that does not leave any plot holes except for one stemming from flashbacks of Ursa that was purposefully planned to create a movie out of.

“It’s just overall a show that encompassed everything a show should encompass,” Ghusn said. 

Though Annam said she agrees that the show is well-made and entertaining, Avatar also reminds her of childhood memories when she and her mom used to watch the episodes together. 

“This was also the only children’s show my mom could tolerate, so now we binge watch it together with my sister,” Annam said.

After 12 years of waiting, fans finally have the chance to binge-watch the Peabody award-winning show, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” on Netflix.