Junior Zamir Ticknor virtually resumes passion of raising awareness on climate change

While most have turned to binge-watching TV shows and waking up past noon, junior Zamir Ticknor has decided to make the most out of his time at home by continuing his journey to raise awareness on climate change. 

Ticknor is the Outreach Director of The Virginia Youth Climate Strike and helped organize climate strikes throughout Virginia prior to the pandemic. 

“I have raised awareness on the climate crisis, and the lack of policy being implemented by state and federal governments to combat the existential threat of climate change,” Ticknor said. “I have been advocating this through organizing climate strikes for over a year.”

Though he has not been able to organize any public protests, Ticknor said he is continuing to fight for a more sustainable planet via youtube videos and social media platforms.

“Mostly, I have been hosting education workshops and initiatives to educate more people on how disastrous the climate crisis is, as well as learning about different initiatives in place in Virginia to combat pipeline construction,” Ticknor said. 

Ticknor said he decided to resume raising awareness on the climate crisis while stuck at home as people are equipped with an extreme amount of free time and should remain educated on issues affecting them. 

“Now is the time to take action, learn more on what you can do. So, when we can go back outside and resume normal lifestyles, we’ll be equipped with even more knowledge to raise awareness on the existential threat of climate change,” Tickor said.