For the past few months, stories of the coronavirus have flooded the news, and representatives have urged the public to stay home and take precaution. But, everything changed after thousands of people began leaving their houses to fight for equality through protests. 

While two major issues are clashing with each other, students have expressed various opinions regarding whether or not people should still consider the dangers of the coronavirus, or if protests should continue regardless. 

Junior Aysha Berry said she believes that it is important for people to get involved, but also continue to stay safe while doing so. 

I think that as long as masks are worn, people are trying not to touch each other or get too close and no one who feels sick or may be sick is attending, then gathering in groups is fine, especially for a good cause,” Berry said. “When my family and I went to protest, we wore masks and stayed away from the main group where people were very close to each other. Instead, we stayed along the back and side in order to maintain six feet of distance. This allowed us to be a part of the activity but also keep ourselves and others safer.”

But, junior Tala Soufi said she thinks the cause is more prominent and that the coronavirus should not stop people from gathering to protest. 

“I wish these protests were not happening during a global pandemic,” Soufi said. “But, this isn’t something we can push aside and address later, because that’s literally what has been happening for 400 years. People are rightfully tired of waiting and [are] rightfully furious.”