There is so much more a student can do during the pandemic than promote social distancing on their Instagram stories. However, some students’ volunteer efforts are interrupted due to fear of Coronavirus infection.

Upon surveying 21 students, 19 said they have not volunteered during quarantine. Though some people may avoid volunteer work due to laziness, those that do try to help are stopped by hazardous obstacles.

My mom and aunt really won’t let me do anything without a foot on my neck or constantly talking about compromising their health, which is understandable because they’re just worried,” freshman Marie Kah said.

During this pandemic, the issue of parents restricting their children due to fear of infection is prevalent among others. However, junior Ally Bruno appreciated a way to help others without putting herself at risk.

I never really thought about potentially [online] tutoring anyone, but everything else requires some sort of help from my parents who most likely wouldn’t want to help,“ Bruno said.

When thinking outside of the box, one can see that volunteering does not only comprise of participating in blood drives or donating food. There are ways students can volunteer from the safety of their own homes.

For example, junior Juliette Manise has sewn 150 medical masks to supply essential workers. This is a volunteer activity that could be done at home with minimal contact with other people.

“I’m working with the Million Mask Challenge,” Manise said. “Making the masks are not particularly hard if you have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills.”

Although volunteering while social distancing can be a challenge, students have found numerous ways to work around the virus and continue to help others.