Hackers have compromised Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) data, though the extent of the attack remains unknown.

On Friday, the FCPS Office of Communication released a statement addressing the cybersecurity issue. In the statement, FCPS said the ransomware is likely the work of hackers who have been targeting multiple organizations.

“We currently believe we may have been victimized by cybercriminals who have been connected to dozens of ransomware attacks in other school systems and corporations worldwide,” the statement said.

Maze Ransomware, a group that targets large companies and organizations in exchange for cryptocurrency, has claimed responsibility for the attack. FCPS is yet to confirm the perpetrator of the attack.

In an effort to secure their data, FCPS is coordinating with federal authorities during their investigation.

“We will work with law enforcement to the fullest extent to prosecute any individuals or groups that attack our systems.” the statement said.