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All tricks and no treats: Pandemic haunts usual Halloween celebrations

Come Halloween, senior Catie Cryan is busy decorating her house and dressing up. But, this year, her plans have had to change.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the traditional trick-or-treating and Halloween parties are up in the air. Cryan said the circumstances surrounding this year’s Halloween only add to the disappointment of not being able to celebrate it like she normally would.

“It’s the perfect Halloween,” Cryan said. “It’s my senior year, Halloween is on a Saturday and it’s gonna be a full moon […] If [COVID-19] wasn’t a thing, I would be going to a giant Halloween party with my friends and having fun, but unfortunately, I don’t get to do that this year, which
really sucks.”

Though Cryan said this year’s halloween may be a bit disappointing for herself, Kellerman said she feels for the children who will miss out on halloween memories that she has treasured.

“With [COVID-19], it’s kind of bittersweet, because no big celebrations can occur,” Kellerman said. “I think I’ll really miss all the trick or treaters, up until the middle of high school, trick-or-treating was the highlight of my Halloween.Thinking about all the kids who don’t get to experience that this year is really heartbreaking.”

While Cryan struggled to determine what her Halloween would entail, senior Grace Kellerman said she had big plans for the day.

“My family recently bought a condo in Rehoboth [Beach], so we’ll be quarantining there with our full decoration regimen,” said Kellerman. My friends and I will be quarantining for 16 days prior to Halloween and spending a little time together for the first time in months, which should be amazing.”

Kellerman said that in a normal year, she would be holding a big party to celebrate the holiday with friends.

“Our parties are killer,” Kellerman said. “We do [three to four] smoke machines and line the walls with black and grey tarps and backgrounds to make our basement sort of look like a dungeon. We do tons of different colored lights, karaoke, a costume contest and a photo booth with props […] Plus, themed treats and tons of candy.”

Senior Celine Gorkowski said that the decrease in decorations seen around the neighborhoods source from the disappointments.

“I think people are decorating the same or less because people aren’t sure what’s happening with trick or treating this year,” Gorkowski said. “My brother said he heard people are just going to put tables with candy in their driveways.”

Despite the onset of the virus and the inability to celebrate the same way as last year, Kellerman said the festival was still enjoyable.

“Halloween this year was pretty great considering the circumstances,” Kellerman said. “Being lucky enough to receive a negative test and spend some safe time with family and friends was really what made it memorable.”