Quarantine craze: participating in popular trends becomes more enticing than ever during isolation.

As students spend more time in the limited boundaries of their homes during quarantine, participating in popular trends becomes more enticing than ever. 

“I got my lights after they started trending and placed them around my door frame. I would definitely recommend them to others since I personally like how they add unique colors to my room. It’s fun to mess around with the different colors and modes. Overall, I don’t think the trends was really overhyped because the LED lights are a really cool way to spice up your room.”

 – Senior Kendall Hymes

“I would say I started playing [Among Us] a little before it really blew up, but the game has actually been around for way longer than people think. I think people enjoy playing it because it’s more interactive and personal than other games, and that’s something we are kind of losing because of staying in quarantine. I only play with my friends because, in my opinion, that’s where the enjoyment comes from. It’s only boring if the people you are playing with are boring.”


 – Senior Jason Harrington 


“I guess we started tie-dying when it became a trend, but I’ve definitely done it in the past. We were kind of re-inspired this quarantine because we got bored. I actually really liked the outcome of the tie-dying. I would definitely recommend tie-dying, but you have to be kind of careful because it does get messy. It’s kind of trial-and-error and just using a good eye to see what colors would match well together. If you have anything old or you are just looking to have a new style, tie-dye is really good, materials are easy to find and it’s fun to do with other people.”

 – Senior Olivia Ergener