After attending virtual classes all day long, Junior Henry Thatcher puts on his mask and leaves to begin his cart catcher job at Wegmans.

Thatcher said he finds balancing his job with school much easier now that he has found a way to better organize his time.

“I can balance school and work because of this planner I had got from Target,” Thatcher said. “This is probably the best thing I have ever purchased in my life since it makes me organized.”

Thatcher said his planner allows him to sort his week down to the hour.

“I organize my planner by the week,” Thatcher said “After I am done filling out my planner for the week I only have about one to two hours of free time. I would care if we were in school since I have extra-curricular activities, but extra-curricular activities are canceled.”

Junior Ebrahim Afi said he has also found a way to successfully complete his classwork and attend his job at Target, through the asynchronous Mondays.

Afi said while his busy schedule often leads to less free time, the independence he receives through making money makes it all worth it

“I asked my supervisor if I could take Mondays off when I got the job,” Afi said “I use Mondays to relax a little and catch up on work. I do not really have time for myself, but that’s fine since I have something to prove.”