Students struggle to reconnect with past teachers over online school

Nothing brings more joy to a teacher than a former student visiting their class. But, like many normal school activities, the onset of the coronavirus and virtual learning has disrupted this opportunity.

Spanish teacher Carlota Shewchuk said she is yet to see any of her students from last year, since to do so, they would need to make an appointment during her office hours.

“Sadly, in a remote learning environment, there is no opportunity to just wave to each other in the halls or to run into each other unexpectedly,” Shewchuk said. “Everyone is bouncing from one BBCU session to another, and every encounter has to be planned and coordinated.”

Though it is a more difficult process compared to in school encounters, students are still finding ways to interact with their old teachers.

”I have gotten the chance to stay in contact with my Spanish teacher from last year through social media,” sophomore Yennhi Tran said. “She keeps us updated on how she’s doing and we can talk to her about online school this year. I think it’s beneficial to stay in contact with my teachers, but especially my Spanish teacher because she is helpful if I ever need someone to talk to, which is extremely important during the stressful times of COVID-19.”