Seniors start a fashion podcast during quarantine: Order Confirmed

Quarantine is prime time to develop a sense of style, and seniors Robert Pereira and Jason Harrington have just the podcast to introduce people to the fashion scene.

“Order Confirmed” is all about making fashion and style accessible to guys that may not have as much money to splurge on expensive pieces. Pereira and Harringtons said they had hoped to start a fashion-related project since sophomore year, but these hopes finally came to fruition when schools closed.

“During quarantine, we wanted to have an outlet to talk about what we thought about fashion and how it’s helped us either through being more confident or just what opinions we have on it, so we talked about making a podcast.” Harrington said. “It took a while to set it into motion but eventually did and now we are where we are”.

Both hosts agreed that hosting a podcast holds many challenges, especially alongside online school.

“College apps and IB homework have occasionally made it difficult to find a day to record,” Periera said. “I would love to spend way more time on the [podcast] memes and content, but right now school comes first. Hopefully, second-semester senior year eases up a bit and we can put more time into it.”

But, when creating content ideas, Harrington and Periera have a solid system for thinking up topics for “Order Confirmed”.

“Before we actually made the first episode we made a pretty big list about possible ideas,” Harrington said. “We also have a small team that we bounce new ideas off of which is really helpful. We have an editor and a couple of people you could call ‘creative directors’. All friends, but we chose people who we knew would do a good job and had experience.”

Periera expresses that the effort going into the production of “Order Confirmed” is not for the success, but rather for their audience.

“Overall, we wanna help people get the courage to try their hand at fashion and figure out their own sense of style,” Periera said. “[Harrington] and I aren’t too focused on making it big, we’d rather just have fun with it and have a space to talk about something we love.”