Course selection is a lengthy process, especially this year due to being virtual. The information overview of courses cannot be transmitted as well as in a class setting. As course selection roams nearer, students are up to decide which classes would be the best fit for them.

Choosing between taking Literature SL and HL can be a hard decision, especially when a student doesn’t know the difference in rigor and what reading and analysis level is required. 

But IB Lit SL student and senior Faith Forman said understanding the differences between both classes can bring confused students one step closer to deciding which is the best fit for them.

“I think the main differences between SL and HL [Literature] are two things: what is expected of you inside of class and what is expected of you outside of class,” Forman said. “Inside of class, HL seems to want better writing, higher levels of everything whereas in SL we have been consistently working on our analysis in class. Outside of class it seems that HL wants students to read a lot more and SL wants you to read, but I know that I’ve had a couple of in-class reading times.”

Literature HL student and junior Sam Payze said even if a student has the time to focus on the class, they also need to know their strengths as well as weaknesses.

“When trying to decide whether to choose SL or HL you have to ask yourself if you love reading, if you do not love reading then SL would probably be better,” Payze said. “You also want to look at your analysis skills, if analysis is hard for you or if you dislike it then I would not recommend HL.”