For the first time in almost a year, senior Zamir Ticknor will walk through the doors of Marshall, ready to start in-person learning

Ticknor said that while he enjoyed the freedoms of online school, he is ready to get back to in-person learning. 

“What makes me most excited is the prospect of seeing my friends and teachers,” Ticknor said. “I haven’t been able to see so many of my friends and the idea of being able to wave at them in the hallway, or even just enter the high school one last time, as it is my senior year, makes me really happy.”

Given the inevitable risks of returning to school, Ticknor said he is wary of fellow students’ actions given the numerous safety measures. 

“There is a possibility that some students may be ignorant and self-centered, resulting in rules breaking and accountability not being instated,” Ticknor said. “I’m worried that some of my peers may defy mask measures and social distancing requirements out of school, or in the school that could cause the possibility of getting some in our school community sick.”

But, Ticknor said he feels more comfortable returning in-person because many teachers have already been vaccinated. 

“I’m excited to see students and my colleagues,” English teacher Martha Noone said. “I have received both shots and that gives me confidence in my ability to stay safe and to keep others safe.”

While Noone has experience with the concurrent model, being one of the few teachers participating in the pilot program earlier in the fall, she said that it does yield certain limitations on normal classroom procedures.

“Some of the students who need the most will still be virtual – and my time and attention will be more divided given the two modes of instructional delivery,” Noone said. “[But], I hope that struggling students benefit from being in the building.”