Math Teacher Mark Steinberg Finds Joy in Teaching

Teaching has always been new math teacher Mark Steinberg’s passion – but it wasn’t always his profession.

Before his teaching career, Steinberg had been a reporter, editor and website programmer for various news outlets, worked in information technology development and even served as a project manager in Silicon Valley.

His experience focused mainly on math and technology, so when Steinberg returned to teaching, he found himself drawn to the math department. He now teaches five Algebra 1 classes in the special education program.

“It’s important to have [the students] active in their learning,” Steinberg said. “I try to use a variety of activities, so math is maybe a little more fun than they’re used to.”

Steinberg said the most challenging part of teaching is when students don’t believe in themselves. The Algebra SOL, a graduation requirement, can especially be a barrier.

“I have kids who’ve never passed an SOL, pass the Algebra 1 SOL,” Steinberg said. “To give them that gift, that they don’t have to worry about their math SOL anymore, […] it just makes me so happy.”

Aside from teaching, Steinberg finds happiness in pickleball. 

“I joke with my kids,” Steinberg said. “I tell them, ‘pickleball has changed my life.’” 

Pickleball isn’t the only thing that’s changed Steinberg’s life, he said. Returning to the classroom has too.

“Teaching… is a passion,” Steinberg said. “I just love it.”