Freshman Transition Program Returns

In-person again for the first time in two years, the Freshmen Transition Program, or FTP, gives incoming freshmen the opportunity to learn from a group of senior mentors during fourth period. 

FTP allows seniors to teach lessons intended to help ease a freshman’s transition from middle school to high school, make friendships and pass down tips and tricks for success at Marshall.

“Overall, I enjoy FTP because it’s a good chance to hangout with my friends in that class and to meet new people,” Freshman Sophie Hauber said. “I also really like my senior mentors. They’ve been super nice and helpful so far.”

Senior mentor Dania Albarghouthi said she likes being a mentor because she can sympathize with how the freshmen are feeling.

“Having my mentors really helped me and let me realize that everyone went through the same thing entering High School, so I want to do the same for others,” she said.

During FTP, freshmen participate in activities ranging from ice breakers to more interactive games like Family Feud. However, Albarghouthi said that sometimes freshmen don’t focus during her lessons.

“Though it’s understandable because they’re put into this program without a choice,” Albarghouthi said, “It has been shaped to help them more than anything.”

Hauber said she has learned some new organizational and study skills for high school and has gotten the opportunity to talk to friends during FTP.

“I think the only thing I would change is to have time where the freshmen could all hang out freely without activity,” Hauber said.