School Security Office Adapts to Meet Pandemic Needs

As Marshall has quickly readjusted to in-person school after over a year of virtual and hybrid learning, school security has taken on a new meaning. 

“There’s probably a mental health piece where kids haven’t been in schools in a year and a half in a physical building,”  Student Resource Officer (SRO) Michael Allen said. “I think we’ll see a little bit more, maybe the mental health piece of [security].”

“[We have to] build those bonds with those new students so they know who you are, and how you are as a person,” Allen said.

SROs enforce Virginia law, while the Marshall’s security team enforces Marshall school policies, like masking requirements. Both teams work together to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay.

“[We are] trying to keep masks up and people as safe as we can get,” Safety & Security Specialist Steven Williams said.

Williams said Principal Jeffrey Litz is hiring an extra person for the year, so the team has more coverage at key times. This additional assistance will help both the security team and SROs enforce regulations to keep everyone safe.