Letter from the editor: rank&file presents first print issue in 20 months

When Ⅰ left newspaper production after school on March 12, 2020, Ⅰ fully expected our staff to deliver new issues to Marshall classes the following week. After that fateful turning point in all our lives, 20 months have now passed since Rank&File last distributed a physical issue to our student body.

In that time, the publication has undergone several changes, most notably a transition from newspaper to newsmagazine. While we were sorely disappointed to only publish four fully-online issues last year, this new school year presents a number of opportunities which have come out of the pandemic-induced hardships. 

Out of our staff of 16, just two staff members have seen their bylines on a printed edition of the Rank&File. Despite the hardships and challenges we all have seen since March of 2020, this return to school gifts us opportunities across our school once again. 

Let this issue be a reminder of what we have gone through as a community over the last year and a half, but also how far we have come.

Theo Schmidt

Editor in Chief