Letter from the Editor

The month of October said quite a bit about the current dynamics between students, staff and school. In times when controversy becomes a focal point of school discussion, we want to reaffirm our commitment to impartial, but also complete, coverage. Our intent will always be to inform our readership and tell stories affecting Marshall through the voices of the most central figures.

One of the things Ⅰ am proud of with this publication is the relationship we maintain with both the school administration and student body. Unfortunately, not every school can say that, particularly with the increasing emphasis on opinion and commentary in journalism. Without either of these key relationships, Rank&File would not be possible.

Finally, this magazine exists as a public forum. If you feel that Rank&File’s coverage of a story overlooks or omits key perspectives, Ⅰ want to personally encourage you to reach out to us, especially in the form of a Letter to the Editor.


Theo Schmidt

Editor in Chief