Choir transitions to winter Disney show

Every year, the choir program performs the spring show as a big event to celebrate the hard work of the choir members. This year’s show revolves around a Disney theme. 

However, timelines changed when choir teacher Kelli Pierson announced she was expecting a child in the spring. 

“I still wanted to give my students the spring show experience and I wouldn’t want a long term sub to have to put on [the spring show] because it’s a big production with a lot of moving parts,” Pierson said. “So I decided [moving the show to] December would be best.”

Many theater students are concerned about their schedules conflicting with the new date. However, Pierson has said that the two productions will not force students to pick and choose.

“All the performing arts teachers get together, and we choose our calendar at the same time while we sit and we have a meeting, so that they don’t conflict,” Pierson said.

Additionally, she has been working with theater teacher Bernard DeLeo to further coordinate their schedules. 

“DeLeo [and I] work together on the musical every year, and share a lot of kids,” Pierson said. “He and I do a really good job at sharing, like you can have them this day. I’ll have them this day. But it does mean that those kids are a little overwhelmed for a few weeks because they’re juggling a lot of things.” 

The final product will be called ‘Disney in December’ and will be no different than the originally planned performance in the spring.

“It’s got about 10 choral numbers, some individual choirs and then a couple big combined pieces with everybody,” Pierson said. “We have these cielo spotlights which are small groups, duets, trios, small group performances. So the whole show is about 20 songs long, like an hour and a half.”