Golf captain continues continues sports, music

Growing up in Panama, junior Leo Perez chose his path at an early age.

Alongside becoming a golfer at age seven, Perez added guitar to his list of talents.

“I lived in Panama for around seven years.” Perez said. “I was born in Venezuela, and we moved [to Panama] when I was about three.”

As Perez grew up in a golf centered society, it started to become an integral part of his life.

“[Golf] was really big in Panama. Soccer and golf are super competitive there,” Perez said. “I would always go to other soccer events or golf tournaments with my parents.”

Golf wasn’t the only influence he brought with him.

“I started playing acoustic [guitar] in elementary school back in Panama,” Perez said. “I took some lessons with my friends. We’d stay after school and play guitar. I feel like that’s the time I stepped up to another level and started playing a much better guitar now that I had an actual teacher.”

After learning the acoustic guitar, Perez wanted a more personal reason to play. His love for rock music took over.

“My dad used to play the guitar all the time and I always picked it up with him because we played classical music all the time. But it got to a point where I started getting into rock music and jazz to the point where I actually got an electric guitar, and I was able to play all those songs.”

Though he spends his free time playing guitar, he takes golf more competitively. Perez said over the years, he has become more serious about his commitment to golf.

“For next year, I’m hoping to compete at an even higher level in hopes of playing in college now that I set some
good scores during both districts and regionals my junior year,” Perez said.

Perez hopes to improve his skills in the sport and score even lower during his senior year. He’s aiming to attract attention from colleges and he is excited to see where his golf journey takes him in the coming years.