LEARN concert goes acoustic

Music filled C hall last Wednesday at the first acoustic LEARN concert of the year.

The concert showcased student bands CPK, Bad Flowers, and Paved, in addition to English teacher Walter Miller, who played Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” on guitar.

“I was shocked to hear him singing, because he looks like the type of guy who likes to read… I thought ‘Woah, that is my teacher up there,’” junior Naomy Martinez said.

Two electric concerts took place last quarter and created a different environment from the Wednesday concert, particularly in the center of the concert, known as the mosh pit, junior Lizzy Windt said. 

“[The first concert] was really enjoyable, but there were so many people pushing each other and I had to move back, and since I’m so short, I was kind of fearing for my life a little bit,” Windt said. 

For junior and lead Badflowers guitarist Sam Peden, having a concert during a school day–acoustic or electric–is invigorating.

“There is nothing that could beat the teacher of your most stressful class [Matthew Horne] rallying everybody for a concert,” Peden said.

Peden said he enjoys the energy of the crowd from on stage.

“It is very freeing to say the least, I usually look into the crowd and I never see anybody having a bad time, which is really cool,” Peden said.

The bands hope to host another concert before the end of the quarter, returning to the original electric, punk style.