Kathy Veoni’s 12-year-long run in Student Activities Office comes to a close with Hall of Fame induction

After getting her start at Marshall in 1999, administrative assistant Kathy Veoni will leave in late December.

Originally, Veoni worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency. After 15 years of government work, she sought to be closer to family. Prior to the Activities Office, Veoni worked at Marshall’s front office, the Academy and McLean’s Activities Office.

“[McLean] was a wonderful experience,” Veoni said. “When I left there, they [created] a scholarship in my name. The athletic department gives it to the hardest working athlete of the year, and they get a $1,000 scholarship.”

Veoni said moving back to Marshall during a district change was thrilling and renewed her enthusiasm for Marshall athletics.

“When my kids were here, it was kind of like [the school] never won anything in sports,” Veoni said. “Then we changed over to the National District, and then it was like we won everything. So I went from winning three state championships to all those district wins. It was so exciting to be part of that.”

Athletic trainer Eric Mathis said he appreciates the teamwork and support he gets from Veoni to get Marshall Athletics ready for its seasons, from helping with events to helping everyone in the office.

“She and I work together pretty much every single day,” Mathis said. “She has been doing this longer than I have. She directs me on doing things that I haven’t done before and she does a lot of things for everybody else except for herself.”

Veoni has been recognized for her work during Marshall’s renovation, including the trophy cases and the boosters which lighten up the athletic hall.

“Before renovation, if you’ve seen the pictures of what it looked like before, it was terrible; the trophy cases were dark and gloomy,” Veoni said. “During renovation, they didn’t mirror [the trophy cases]. The lobby became my vision and then a couple other things that maybe I’ll pass down that will kind of pop it up a little bit.”

Even after the trophies were put up, Veoni’s work with the lobby was not over. One of her biggest accomplishments includes creating the Hall of Fame video display, which gave her the chance to connect with many new people.

“I got to do a lot of cool things like meet and talk to the people who used to go here that played professional football and baseball,” Veoni said. “It was helpful that I did the Hall of Fame also, because I did meet a lot of the older athletes that were here, so it was a fun and interesting journey. Some of the people that left here did amazing things, so [it was] very cool to connect with them and still hear the pride they have in Marshall.”

On Sept. 17, Veoni was inducted into the Marshall Athletics Hall of Fame, an experience which, over two months later, still moves her.
“I’m going to tear up because it was an honor,” Veoni said. “There’s a lot of people that can relate that I don’t feel [worthy] because it’s supposed to be for athletics.”

Veoni plans to stay involved on the booster board to continue the Hall of Fame and intends to travel in her new down time.