Letter from the Editor

One of the themes I have observed in the coverage of other publications across our county, and rightfully so, is the spotlight that mental health has taken. Early December can be a time of stress for high school students, especially after a year and a half of virtual instruction. In the three-week period between Thanksgiving and Winter Break, assessments rack up while students have to go from periods of relaxation to total focus and back to relaxation again.
Fortunately, a return to school means we have more resources open to us again. Saturday school is available to students once more, Learn is open at least once a week for actual face-to-face interactions with teachers, counselors are available in their offices and students are able to study together. As difficulties start to mount towards the end of the year, we should not take our academic aids for granted. The return to in-person learning may have taken away some of the comfort that came with virtual learning, but we all have resources in place to help us.

Theo Schmidt
Editor in Chief