Opinion: Open TOK to All

Solely because I am not pursuing the IB Diploma, the exclusive Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class is closed off to me.

TOK should be made available to all juniors and seniors, regardless of what diploma program they chose.

Despite the shortage of teachers who can lead the class, opening up TOK to every student would not exacerbate the situation.

Taking TOK would entail giving up an elective option or staying after school multiple times a week, a large commitment for non-IB students.

Only students who are interested in TOK would put in that much time and effort into a class that’s optional and accepting such motivated students would only enrich classes.

Even if there are many interested non-IB Diploma students, a quota system could be created, limiting the number of students attending the class. Such students could meet certain requirements to take the class.

Some students will get rejected, but it would be better than the current system. This way, at least some interested students could take the class rather than no one being able to.

After all, Marshall allows students to take IB classes, regardless of their diploma status. I, and many other students, take as many IB SL and HL courses as IB Diploma students because even if we’re not doing the IB Diploma, we still want to challenge ourselves.