Junior introduces Slam Poetry Club in hopes of ‘writing community’

After attending an influential summer camp, junior Jackson Dabich wants to bring slam poetry to Marshall.

“I really just wanted to build a writing community,” Dabich, the club’s president, said. “I did this camp over the summer and I felt that everyone is so supportive of your writing, it’s a really great thing. I kind of wanted to bring some of that to Marshall.”

Dabich said he first had the idea of creating the slam poetry club in October. After three weeks of procrastination, he began acting on it.

“We just had an interest meeting and I think we’re going to start to have more meetings during third quarter,” Dabich said. “It’s just that school’s a little crazy right now. Meetings will probably be held once or two times a month.”

Dabich said he envisioned each club meeting will consist of prompt guided writing, looking at slam poetry videos, and planning for open mic nights.

“[For the open mic nights] we’re going to try to go to cafes and book an hour, two hours where people can share their work and stuff that they’ve been working on,” Dabich said. “We’re going to try to get National English Honor Society points for it, to get more people to show up.”

Through meetings and open mic nights, the leadership board of the Slam Poetry Club will aim to influence writing.

“[Our goals are to build] a strong writing community,” Dabich said. “Trying to get as many people to join and maybe try to get more people interested in writing too.”