Governor’s School narrows down list of candidates

The Summer Residential Governor’s School is a competitive, selective program that gives exceptional students with similar interests the opportunity to spend four rigorous and educational weeks together from late June to early July. 

“A good candidate is someone who’s super […] talented, super committed,” Governor’s School contact and art teacher Patrick McDonough said. 

Before applying, candidates first decide on a program to apply for, with options ranging from Agriculture and Humanities (Academic) to Dance and Theater (Visual and Performing Arts). 

“Students have to have a demonstrated track record of engagement in their field,” McDonough said. 

Junior and applicant Tatum Scarborough chose to apply under humanities. 

“I do a lot of activities and I have a lot of club and leadership positions that have to do with humanities like Special Olympics,” Scarborough. “I am just more interested in learning about it.”

Candidates were required to submit an essay and other aiding documents as part of their application.

“The application process was actually not as long as I thought it was going to be,” Scarborough said. “I had to write an essay and that was a little stressful [because I ended up changing the area of interest that I’m applying for], but I got it done.”

Junior Ashley Yoon decided not to apply for Governor’s school because the application was too time consuming.

“It was really hard and on top of everything going on in junior year, like the IB diploma, I couldn’t do it,” Yoon said.

Yoon said that she believes school is more important than the optional Governor’s School.

“I thought other things were more important, because Governor’s School is a supplement, and school is a priority.”

Scarborough passed the school level of the process after she submitted an application was reviewed, and will now advance to the more-selective county level. While this does not qualify her for Governor’s school, it is one step closer.