Administration institutes new rules for Marshall Mob

The Marshall Mob has new rules for the winter season following an email by Principal Jeffrey Litz Monday afternoon to the Statesmen community.

The message came after numerous reports of students behaving disruptively at sports events.

“Since basketball season began in November, my administrative team and I have become increasingly concerned about the behavior of a number of students in our student section (aka ‘The Marshall Mob’),” Litz said in an email to both students and parents.

Litz said the actions of these students poorly reflected on the school and went on to set rules for future games.

“The first two to three rows of the bleachers in the student section will be off limits,” he said.

Additionally, Litz said two administrators would sit by the student section to monitor behavior.

“Any student not behaving in a positive manner or who is found to have violated SR&R will be removed from that event,” Litz said.

The ban would also include home and away games for the rest of the winter season.

“Beginning in the 22-23 school year, the two leaders of the Marshall Mob will be asked to enroll in our student leadership class so we can better coordinate the support we give our students and student-athletes,” Litz said.

Wednesday night’s home game against Wakefield will be the first varsity basketball game under the new regulations.