Letter from the Editor

This point in time marks a symbolic halfway point in many ways. Obviously we have reached the halfway point of our academic calendar, and this is also the halfway point for Rank&File in terms of our number of issues this year. At this point in the year it can be easy to start coasting and begin counting down the days until the final bell of the year, particularly for seniors like me.

At this stage, we can either adopt a glass half-full or glass half-empty approach. If you choose to look ahead with the mindset that we’re halfway to the end, that may well push you to stay motivated through the end of the year. I find it important to look back at all the things that have happened already this year. Much has happened in these first two quarters, but we also still have two quarters left for much to happen. As a publication, we will continue to make this halfway point in the year the halfway point in our journey towards this year’s peak, not the point at which we begin our descent.

Theo Schmidt
Editor in Chief