Table Talk: Coach Alex Stenseth: Rank&File sits down with Stenseth before Winter Guard’s show

How long have you been doing Guard?

I started Winter Guard in seventh grade when I lived in Nevada, and I loved it. It was so much fun because it combined my favorite things, music and sports. I was Color Guard Captain at Marshall my junior and senior years, so I know the program well. I’m back to help out now.

What did you look forward to the most?

What I’m most looking forward to is seeing the improvement [from] show to show and listening to what the judges have to say. It’s just really fun to watch, especially with some of the beginner guards, seeing the progress they make from truly a beginner guard to a more advanced guard.

What’s difficult about Guard?

In terms of endurance, it takes a lot: keeping your flexibility in check,
making sure you’re strong enough to toss high and spin well and be able to run and dance and throw things all at the same time. Sometimes, we only touch on things once, but for good remembrance, you need to hear things multiple times.

What were you the most nervous about with the show?

We’ve had some people leave, so I’ve had to change the whole show and we’ve had some people miss drill camp so they had to figure it all out on their own. But I think they can do it. They just got to think it through before they go on the floor and they’ll be just fine.