IB business ventures on annual TopGolf field trip for the first time since 2019

IB Business students had the opportunity to experience a business in the community. 86 students ventured to TopGolf to learn about the business.

 “It was a lot of fun,” junior and IB Business student Preston Balisky said. “I really enjoyed getting to learn about how the business works.” 

Students first got a brief conference on how TopGolf functions as a business and how they dealt with challenges such as the Covid pandemic. 

“One thing I learned about business from TopGolf was how they were able to deal with the pandemic and how they were able to use certain strengths of their service to their advantage,” senior and Future Business Leaders of America Secretary Katie Murphy said. “I learned how top golf chooses to expand and their process and idea behind branching out with venues around the country as well as around the globe.”

Afterwards, students got to experience all aspects of TopGolf, testing out several golfing modes and testing out their menu, which accounts for around 60% of all revenue. 

“TopGolf is different from regular golfing because of the tracking system they have inside the golf balls allowing you to see speed and other statistics you don’t normally get to see,” Murphy said. “You can play games and compete against your friends through their technology”

Having a more immersive and interactive field trip helped both Murphy and Balisky said they better understand real world businesses. 

“I got to learn about how TopGolf works and implement what we’ve learned in business or with real world situations,” Balisky said.