Rising gas prices break the wallets of students

In the past several weeks, gas prices locally and nationwide have continued to rise well above the previous averages.

This rise in gas prices has caused students to have to adjust the way they get around

For newly licensed sophomore Anna Musgrove, rising gas prices have limited her new freedom to drive. 

“I just got my license and I’m not able to drive as much as I wanted or thought I would be able to,” Musgrove said. “I’ve also had to be very conscious of how full my gas tank is and where I know gas will be cheaper in my area.”

Rising prices have also caused some students like junior Rhea Patel to turn to carpooling in order to decrease the amount they spend on gas.

“The recent rise of gas prices has caused me to carpool with friends or ask my parents for rides a lot more often than I have previously,” Patel said. “I also play a sport outside school so being able to carpool with friends has been a really convenient alternative to spending a lot of money on gas.”