Marshall holds assembly on mental health

In 2021, federal grants acknowledged the impacts of online school and pandemic-related stress on students by investing $85 million in mental health services in schools.

The funds have allowed Marshall to pursue more mental health initiatives, including an assembly Wednesday featuring motivational speaker Anne Moss Rogers.

Counselor Kathleen Sokolove assisted in organizing the assembly and said there are benefits to discussing mental health with the whole school involved.

“We always kind of talk about going to therapy, or getting help, or this very individual approach to mental health,” Sokolove said. “But really there can be a collective, and there are things that we can do in our day to day life to support each other and support a healthy, well culture.”

Sokolove said Rogers will share strategies students can use in difficult times, but also her own emotionally challenging experiences- something that is also valuable in a group setting

“I think it is a really unique experience to be able to be with your peers and experience something emotional together that’s real and important and honors the fact that you guys are all in such an important time of your lives” Sokolove said.

Besides educational purposes, Sokolove said she believes school serves a larger role in preparing students for life, and hopes the assembly will contribute to this.

“If 75%, 80%, 95% of what [students] are supposed to do here is academic, there is still a portion left over,” Sokolove said. “We have a responsibility that our kids leave Marshall, not just having academic skills, but having good, solid life skills that are going to help them navigate college, early adulthood, and beyond.”