Letter from the Editor

Once upon a time, Marshall’s community slogan was Small School, Big Heart. Although our school may not be so small anymore, the importance of community remains. Community has been a major focal point of stories throughout the year, in issues like the conflicts between student groups and administrators, the discussion over Advisory and loosening COVID protocols. Several of our feature stories explore this dynamic of community, including our first food review of the year and an article detailing a student group working alongside other local schools ahead of a climate strike.

One of the biggest hardships to come out of the pandemic was losing our usual daily interactions. Everyday conversations lead to stories, and the return to school has allowed those daily interactions to occur again and everyday stories to be told. With those everyday stories in mind, this issue seeks to tell the experiences of some of Marshall’s most dedicated individuals. From an award winning teacher educating in three different subjects to an activist alum, we wanted to explore the hidden stories behind everyday figures at school.

Theo Schmidt

Editor in Chief