Editorial: Competition within sports teams is unhealthy

Sports are known for being beneficial to one’s physical and mental well being. However, in the competitive environment which we reside in, this isn’t a reality.
Not only are players competing against teams in their district, they’re competing against their teammates. Tryouts set up the environment for the rest of the season: compete to see who can be the best and beat the best. The competition never ends. Once teams are made, the next competition is for playing time.
Playing time is said to be a reflection of hard work and commitment, but this saying clouds the reality that in sports, work ethic isn’t the only factor.
With an ever evolving and improving generation of athletes, competition amongst each other has taken its toll. Sports are supposed to be an active, fun activity after school. They have turned into a daily ongoing competition between friends and classmates.
It’s said that healthy competition is good, but to what extent? Pushing yourself past your limits may give a high for one week, but burn out is inevitable. Sports are just another example of pushing students to try their best and not rewarding them accordingly.
Athletes are already thrown into a competitive environment by default. Their focus should be on team play and beating their competition, not beating their teammates, especially when those teammates are their classmates, peers and friends.