Letter from the Editor

This issue is our seventh and second to last of the academic year. On a personal note, it will also be my final as Editor-in-Chief of Rank&File. I am proud of the progress this staff has made over the course of the year, but more so than that, excited for what they can achieve next year.
Already, new members to our staff have taken the initiative to innovate and take up projects on their own time. We came into this year with only three returning members on a staff of 16. In spite of that, this very young staff learned on the fly and has improved tremendously over the course of the year. The hard work, creativity and improvement of the staff is evident not just in this issue, but also across multimedia and in collaboration with groups like GCMNow.
While my time may be coming to an end, this staff still has plenty of editions ahead of them, and I have colossal confidence in what they will achieve. Working with Rank&File these past three years has been special for me and I’m looking forward to seeing how the publication continues to grow and evolve in the coming years.

Theo Schmidt