Dylan Liskey eludes trailing defenders.

Senior rugby player commits to West Point

Despite the school’s lack of a rugby team, senior Dylan Liskey achieved his goal of committing to a team for college.
Liskey recently committed to play for the United States Military Academy at West Point, or informally, Army. Liskey has played a range of sports, including football and wrestling for Marshall and rugby for his club team, Vienna Youth Rugby.
“I feel proud of myself knowing I have made a challenging choice and yet know that I have a long road ahead of me and have to keep my head on straight if I want these goals to come true,” Liskey said.
Liskey said the success of his teammates on his Vienna Youth Rugby team helped him get to where he is now, accomplish his goals, and was gratifying for him to see.
“The most important thing about accomplishing this goal was dedication and support as I had great relationships around me to support me as I put all my effort towards becoming a better rugby player and person,” he said.
Liskey recognized many people for their positive impact on him and the help and guidance they have provided him throughout his years of playing. He said they helped him navigate the challenges he has faced both on and off the field, helping him accomplish his goal.
“People who stand out are my closest friends on and off the rugby team, as well as the coaches and my parents,” Liskey said. “They’ve helped guide me through all the challenges it has brought both on the rugby field and between ourselves.”
Liskey said he is impartial about there not being a rugby team at Marshall because he believes that in the United States, rugby is not as common of a sport as baseball or football, but he hopes to be a part of the mission to change that.
“It is not common enough for every high school,” he said. “Yet, I know one day it will be. In order for me to achieve that goal and spread what rugby has offered me to other people, I will have to work as hard as I can to build a bigger platform for rugby.”
Along with building strong relationships like he did at Marshall, Liskey said he believes the biggest factor in any sport is a player’s attitude.
“If you aren’t wanting and loving that every stride or that every tackle then you can’t perform at your best,” Liskey said. “Learn to flip your attitude on a switch from school and friends to sport.”