A Portrait of the Past: 2022 in Review

(Kirtana Sathishkumar/Rank&File)
Game room at the Homecoming dance fills with students as they take a break from the dance floor.
(Rhea Newnaha/Rank&File)
Seniors cheer for a win during the homecoming pep rally on October 15 dressed in all black to represent their class colors.
(Aadit Manivannan/Columbian)
The Harmony choir performs Frozen’s Fixer Upper at the Disney Choir Show on December 9.
(Melanie George/Rank&File)
A performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on November 13.
(Noor Jones/Columbian)
Incoming freshmen discuss clubs at the Eighth grade activities fair on March 25.
(Servet Corakci/Lifetouch)
Classmates hoist junior Gavin Baltes into the air at prom on April 30.