New places, Familiar faces: Seniors decide to room together in their freshman year of college

First meeting in the third grade, seniors Visher Ramuni and Nathan Madden will both attend The Ohio State University this fall.
Hoping to ease the transition to college, they decided to be roommates.
“There’s a lot of weird people out there,” Madden said.
They both chose Ohio State for different reasons.
“It was because of the campus, scholarships and Ohio State University having a great finance program and good academics overall,” Ramuni said.
Madden also enjoyed the great academics and large atmosphere of the school.
“Maybe,” Madden joked as Ramuni asked if he would join a fraternity.

Similar to their classmates, seniors Ryleigh Siciliano and Haley Platter first met over a decade ago at the start of their elementary school journey.
Platter said she’s familiar with James Madison University through her brother, who is currently a junior at James Madison University.
“[Siciliano and I] got to experience his fraternity life for a little while, which made the experience even better,” Platter said.
Both decided that James Madison University would be their next stop after Marshall.
“We can both agree that knowing we would both go there was a bonus, but there are positives for us individually that made us choose this school, whether we were to room together or not,” Siciliano said.
Siciliano said having Platter there at the end of the day is nice and she likes that they’ll continue having each other when things get tough. Both plan to join different extracurriculars and club sports to have time away from each other and to meet new people.
“Introducing each other to our separate teammates would be fun,” Platter said. “Both of us are very interested in rushing, but maybe not for the same sorority. It’s definitely something we want to look into.”

Attending Virginia Tech this fall, seniors Gabriel Hindley, and Gaurav Jones are planning to be each other’s college roommates.
They met at the beginning of their senior year when they were introduced to each other by a friend in an English class.
“Once I heard Gaurav was considering going to Virginia Tech, I asked him if he’d like to be roommates as soon as I could,” Hindley said.
Although their decisions to attend were not influenced by each other, they both thought that being roommates with someone they already knew would help the living transition.
“It seemed like less of a dice roll — I already know and like Gabe,” Jones said.
They also share some common interests and plan to join similar clubs and programs. They have already applied and been accepted to Leadership and Social Change, and are planning on joining the Living Learning Community.
“Also, we plan to go to the gym together, and I may try to get him involved in intramural sports,” Hindley said.
They chose to attend Virginia Tech because of its campus and in-state location.
“It is in-state, seems to have a fun campus life, and has great academic options and rigor,” Jones said.
Similarly, Hindley chose this school because of its campus, location and the welcoming community.