Off to an Ivy: Hymes sets herself up for the future

Senior Makenzie Hymes applied early action to Princeton University, but when she read her acceptance letter, she was shocked.
“I very much applied on a whim,” Hymes said. “I had the opportunity to apply, and I thought, ‘I’m only gonna be applying to colleges once; I may as well just go for it.’”
Hymes said she was surprised because of the school’s low acceptance rate.
“I really just did not expect it at all because I find it hard to believe that anyone expects to get [into] a school of that caliber,” she said.
Hymes said she chose Princeton because it had a diverse community, strong dance department and interesting course offerings.
“I realized as I was looking at colleges and making the final decision that everything I saw and liked about one school could also be seen at Princeton,” Hymes said.
At Princeton, Hymes plans to study public policy, African American Studies and dance. She said she believes Princeton will give rise to new opportunities.
“It’ll kind of get me more set for the future,” she said. “Whatever I choose to do, I’ll probably be on a better path for success.”