Reason follows in footsteps of family’s military heritage

Senior Joey Reason decided to follow in the footsteps of father and grandfather by going to the U.S. Naval Academy.
With a father in the military, Reason said he is already familiar with how the training program will work.
“I grew up on the base of the Naval Academy, so that definitely gave me an advantage,” he said.
Despite his experience, Reason said being accepted was a surprise.
“I was planning on going somewhere else,” he said. “I had to jump on the opportunity when I found out I got in.”
He said the next hurdle will be getting used to the school.
“It will definitely be a hard transition because it’s stricter,” Reason said. “So it is definitely going to be a big change from Marshall.”
Overall, Reason said he is looking forward to this next step.
“[I’m] definitely nervous, but you get to do a lot of cool stuff,” Reason said. “I’m going to learn a lot of new things training to be a naval officer.”