Schuette takes gap year to return to red, white and blue

Senior Helen Schuette plans to spend her gap year racing through the water.
She said a year away from school will allow her to train for sprint canoe. However, Schuette said she still feels strange about the decision.
“I’m going to miss seeing people everyday,” Schuette said, “but I won’t miss the stress of it.”
Other than time off school, she said a gap year would allow her to attend training camps for sprint canoe, while also aligning with competition dates.
“I’m planning on taking a gap year to train and hopefully make another US team,” she said.
With summer just around the corner, Schuette said she is still getting used to the idea of her future.
“I can’t believe we’re about to graduate,” she said. “I still kind of feel like we’re all stuck in the 2020 lockdown.”
Afterwards, Schuette said her plan is to attend Old Dominion University for engineering.