Table Talk: Guitar Teacher Mr. K

Matthew Kulikosky on guitar spring concert featuring special student solos and group performances of all genres:

What differs between the spring and winter shows?

The spring show is kind of special because [during] the second half of the show students can perform in their own groups. They can perform solo pieces, if they want, or perform together.

Is the show exclusive to guitar class?

They can perform with other students from around the school, whether they be choir students, band students or even students who aren’t in the music program. As long as somebody in the group is part of [the Guitar department], they’ve got a space on our stage.

How are you feeling about the concert?

The shows are usually a lot of fun, because there’s a lot of variety to them. We’ll play sometimes from classical music to rock music, jazz or blues. And then you know, when you have the students performing their own stuff, it can be anything. It’s a good opportunity to come see some of your friends play and have fun with it.