Two Seniors Win Athlete of the Year Awards

At the awards ceremony on Thursday, May 26, two athletes were recognized for their achievements this past year. 

Seniors Rylie Hughes and Adien Hrnjez won the annual female and male Athlete of the Year awards. The award is not exclusive to seniors, but this year Hughes and Hrnjez were the standouts. 

Hughes said receiving the award was exciting because she puts work and dedication into her sports.

“I was excited to receive the award. As soon as they said ‘her basketball coach’ everyone turned around assuming it was me,” she said. 

Hughes said her brother also received the Athlete of the Year award as a senior in 2019.

When Hrnjez was notified that he would receive an award, he did not expect it to be the Athlete of the Year award.

“I thought it would be an academic or some faculty award,” he said.

Hrnjez was captain for both the boys varsity tennis and basketball teams.

“[Being captain] entailed bringing positive energy and leading team morale but also holding teammates and myself accountable,” he said. 

Hrnjez said he thinks his consistent and impactful effort on both teams was the reason he received the athlete’s award. 

“[I want to thank] my coaches and teammates and friends who pushed me to get better everyday,” he said. “It was an honor to be a part of Marshall sports my four years at Marshall.”