Junior David Tu poses at a laser tag event.

Laser Focus: Tu sheds light on game’s competitive side

The casual, neon-lit world of laser tag conceals a competitive side— one that junior David Tu said he hopes to bring to light.

Laser tag started off as a father-son activity, but Tu said it became more when he and his dad created a team to compete in the Zone Laser Tag U.S. Championships.

“We just formed a team for competitive [playing] and we talk about strategies and game stuff we can use,” Tu said. “It’s something we can talk about a lot.”

Currently, Tu’s efforts to build the sport’s community are fostered in his new Instagram account for laser tag, Laser Lavish.

“My main goal is probably just to have posts on there and show people what laser tag is really like and bring awareness to the competitive scene,” Tu said.

In addition to his account, Tu said he hopes to form a club this school year to further grow the laser tag community.