Mob continues tradition with new leaders

School spirit, sports and senior leaders—it’s a new year, and the Mob is ready to start.

The “Marshall Mob” refers to the student section at football, basketball and other sports.

Each year two seniors are chosen to lead them. This year, the title belongs to Carolyne Chase and Ben Jones.

“I was friends with the previous Mob leader and he liked my energy,” Jones said. “So he decided to pass it down to me.”

Chase said the decision is also based on school spirit.

“I got Mob leader by being an active student in the student section,” Chase said, “also because I’m friends with Ryleigh.”

Chase and Jones said their main goal for this year is to increase school spirit, student turnout and enthusiasm during sporting events.

“I plan to try to get attendance up at all the games and make sure everyone’s participating in the themes and being loud,” Chase said.

Jones said he and Chase have not talked much but are ready and willing to work together.

“We’ve created a friendship,” Jones said.

With a whole year ahead, the two leaders have a reputation to set.