The Homecoming Experience: Freshman vs. Senior

Freshman Trevor Bates and senior Zuli Ruth talk about their spirit week.

What did you like about spirit week?

Bates: “Everyone showing their spirit for Marshall was pretty cool.”

Ruth: “Spirit week was fun because it felt like everyone participated.”

How was the Homecoming dance?

Bates: “It was fun. The DJ played good music. It was pretty big. I got to hang out with my friends.”

Ruth: “I didn’t go because in previous years it hasn’t been as fun, so I decided to skip that part of Homecoming.”

What was your favorite theme?

Bates: “Anything but a backpack day was pretty fun, seeing people bring their carts and stuff.”

Ruth: “Anything but a backpack day because I love seeing what people came up with and all their unique “backpacks.”

How was this experience special for you?

Bates: “There’s never going to be another first Homecoming, and it was just really cool being a freshman and seeing it. ”

Ruth: “This year’s Homecoming was special since it’s my last year. It’s one of the last times I really get to dress up and take pictures and spend time with friends.”